We've a little trouble on our regular efbeschott.com and efbe.co.uk websites right now, so welcome here to the efbe pages on our parent site, here at teamuki.com

Here you can find our award winning steam mops, 5* recommended steam cleaners and our fabulous Ultralight range of vacuum cleaners and accessories.

efbe brand dates back to 1932, and we have been proud to be sole distributors in the UK and Ireland since 2004. We were amongst the first with steam cleaners and steam mops, and now we are ubiquitious with great engineering at affordable prices. As ever, we're based in Birmingham from where we operate our telephone helpline (0121 693 9221) and our email support service (helpline @ teamuki.com). 

ALWAYS remember with any steam producing device, NEVER add boiled water and ALWAYS use distilled/demineralised water if you're unlucky enough to live in a hard water area (and it will prolong the life of your steam appliance if you use this type of water even if you're in a soft water area). ALWAYS remember NEVER add aroma or detergent additives to any steam appliance (apart from our fabulous Steam Station Iron SPS 511C, which has a separate reservoir expressly for this purpose.

Good luck, happy steaming, thank you for visiting us.

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